7 Factors to Consider When Buying Car Batteries

Car batteries can last up to 5 years. However, some factors affect how long a battery lasts, such as the type of vehicle, driving habits, and weather conditions. If your battery has reached its shelf life, you need to consider getting a replacement.

Buying car batteries seem easy. However, you might be in a dilemma on the option to choose considering the number of car battery manufacturers available in Africa and Asia. It would help to know what to look for when buying car batteries. 

Here are some of the factors to consider before getting your car a new battery. 

1. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity is the actual time that a car battery is capable of running on its own. You need to get a battery with adequate reserve capacity. A high reserve capacity can prove helpful in a case where the alternator fails, or the engine is noncompliant.

You might want to have a list of high-performing batteries. From the identified options, choose an option that has the highest reserve capacity. You’ll save yourself the frustration of having a dead car if you have forgotten to switch off the lights. 

2. Size of the Battery

Understanding car battery sizes will help you when choosing a battery for your vehicle. You should select battery sizes depending on the functionality you want. Cars have distinct power needs, which should determine your choice of battery size.   

When buying car batteries, ensure that you’re knowledgeable about the sizes and which ones will be ideal for your vehicle. You can check the vehicle’s manual to know the recommended battery size. If you don’t know your automobile’s perfect fit, you’ll end up with the wrong choice. 

Your battery should fit the car’s battery tray perfectly to prevent cases of battery fluid spillage, damage, or loose-fitting. Your type of car will determine the battery you use.

3. Check Owner’s Manual 

Car battery manufacturers often include a user manual. If you’re not buying the battery through a mechanic or dealership, you need to be well informed on how to use and maintain the car battery. The owner’s manual that you buy with your vehicle will prove beneficial. 

The manual will guide you on the right size of car battery you require. You’ll need to get the right size of the battery for it to fit well within the battery tray as vibrations can cause damage. The manual will further guide you on the type of battery you need. 

If you’re missing the owner’s manual, the in-store fit guide will prove effective. You can check it out to know all the necessary details about your vehicles before buying the car batteries.

4. Battery Freshness

Once you see signs that you need a new battery, you can start checking the different manufacturers and their offers. One of the factors that you shouldn’t overlook when buying car batteries is freshness. 

You’re probably wondering what battery freshness is considering that batteries aren’t perishable! Battery freshness refers to how long a battery can last while working optimally. You can know the freshness of a battery depending on its year and month of manufacturing. 

The battery has a number, which shows the month and year. You might want to prioritize car batteries that are less than six months old. Car battery maintenance will be less overwhelming if you buy a newer battery. 

5. Battery Terminals 

If you’re not savvy with the technical bit of your car, the position of the battery terminals might seem like a complicated matter to comprehend. Yet, the position of the positive terminal in a vehicle’s battery plays a critical role in its overall functionality.

There can be short circuit damage if the terminals are in contact with other terminals or the metal body. Consequently, some of the electronic items in your vehicle might get spoilt. As such, it would be best to check the positive terminals of a battery to know if it will be the right fit for your car. 

6. Warranty

When buying a car battery, you expect that it should be able to serve you for at least two years or longer. However, at times, such batteries need repairs or even replacement before even the first year of usage. If the cause of the failure is not attributable to your negligence, then the seller or manufacturer should be able to offer repair or replacement options at no extra cost.

Warranties are the lifeline of any purchase. Unless you can get the assurance that your car battery will be running for at least 2 years, you can’t risk operating without a warranty. It is advisable to consider working with a manufacturer who provides warranties. 

Manufacturers often measure the warranty periods by a figure combining the prorated and free replacement period. The prorated period allow partial reimbursement of the battery’s cost within a specific time. 

7. Battery Brand

When buying car batteries, it’s essential to consider the brand. The rise in the number of companies that manufacture or sell batteries presents a concern related to quality. While you may be tempted to settle for a specific battery, it’s important to consider the brand reputation.

You can distinguish car battery manufacturers based on brand name and reputation. The brand name should matter when settling for a battery. 

You may need to research the various brands in the market and compare the varying optics.  Adequate research will ensure that you only settle for the best brand in the market. Our range of batteries is top of the class when it comes to brand quality and reputation.

Buying Car Batteries Can Be Complex Without the Right Information

It would help to research widely before settling for one type of car battery over the other. While comparing battery costs is a crucial factor when buying car batteries, the functionality should be the paramount consideration. The right car battery should serve for at least for years.

If you’re looking for quality, your source should be reliable. You will get a host of manufacturers in Asia and Africa. However, the vetting and research on the ideal provider rest solely on you. 

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