A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Marine Battery


Running a boat without a battery is next to impossible. The best marine batteries are crucial to many aspects of boating. You might even need two – one with enough amps to start the engine and another to power your appliances.

Marine batteries are between the typical battery and deep cycle batteries. Having the right one in your boat should last you a few great adventures yourself.

Finding the best marine battery for your boat will give you solid mileage. But which one to pick?

In this guide, we’ll find you the best marine starting battery for your boat. This is not one of the many deep cycle marine battery reviews out there. This is the definitive review for you.

Let’s take a look.

1. RB Battery MS27

Let’s start with the best of the best. The RB Battery MS27 is one of the best marine batteries out there. This top shelf premium battery has top marks when it comes to cold crank amps.

With a solid 750 CCA, it has the highest cold crank amps of the entire list. In deep cycle marine battery reviews, the reserve capacity for the MS27 comes at 145 minutes. The lifespan of this boat starter battery should work for a few years as well, depending on the use.

What we love about this is its all-weather capability. It works in extreme temperatures, even in very cold weather. This is standard for many marine batteries, but it gets better.

In addition to the MS27’s great all-weather, here’s the thing. Its deep cycling capability is great.

You can expect some good amps per hour with its 90 Ah at a C20 rating, and with zero maintenance. What this means is you can get around a lake or river without a need to recharge.  A full recharge cycle is at a few hours as well.

Marine deep cycle battery reviews laud this as the best marine starting battery, and for a reason. This heavy-duty battery can withstand almost anything, from vibrations to extreme loading and aggressive usage. This makes the RB Battery MS27 the best of the best out there.

2. RB Battery M31

The RB Battery M31 marine and leisure battery is one of the best marine batteries out there. If you’re looking for something dual-purpose, this battery offers the right flexibility. Its 720 CCA is strong for a starting battery but has a great continuous operation for appliances as well.

One of the things that RB Batteries is their focus on reliability. At a whopping 110Ah at C20, this has enough power while being able to withstand strong vibrations and movement on the boat. With its weight, it has a great median mass that is not too heavy to mount as well.

With its warranty, it has enough reserve capacity for a full 190 minutes until recharge. It’s the best boat battery if you want to have a short trip or you need a good reserve.

Its 5 layers and 3 cell layout makes the M31 an awesome marine battery to use. Add it to your boat or yacht. Whether you’re on leisure or for business, this is a great marine battery.

3. RB Battery M27 Pro/M27L Pro

If you’re only looking for a deep cycle battery and you checked enough deep cycle marine battery reviews, your best bet is the M27 Pro or the M27L Pro for left polarities. This battery offers power and reliability for your boat.

Because they have their own left and right polarities, you want to make sure you have the right one. You can also submerge it for a bit, considering it’s not one of those wet cell batteries. The superior plates can last you a while, with a battery lifespan of a few years.

The M27 Pro and M27L Pro are on the larger side of batteries, making it ideal for bigger boats and larger trolling motors. It has a 97Ah rating as well, delivering a solid C20. With a reserve capacity of 162 minutes, this will last you for a while.

While this is one of the best, according to many marine deep cycle battery reviews, it still packs a punch with its 680 CCA. In cases of emergency, it can work as a marine starting battery for small to medium motors.

4. RB Battery MS24

Not all boat owners have enough cash to afford the best boat battery money can buy. The RB Battery MS24 is your best bet. With its durable construction, the MS24 has a few things going for it.

The long service life is one of the first things you’ll notice. For one of the best marine batteries for its price range, it’s lightweight and affordable. It can last for up a couple of years’ worth of use as well.

With a 70Ah capacity, it’s ideal for trolling motors and even small boats. It also has a great operating temperature, making it great in more extreme conditions than most in its range. The warranty is great for its price as well.

The only issue with this battery, according to many marine deep cycle battery reviews, is the weight. At its current weight, you’ll notice how heavy it is during operation. Even then, the weight is worth it for the price.

This boat battery gears towards small boats for moving around in freshwater. It’s also great for medium kayaks as well.

Find the Best Marine Battery Today

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