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156, 19th Floor., 65 Chamnan Phenajti Bldg., Rama 9 road, Huaykwang District
Bangkok, 10320

+66 2 6439865

Automotive and Deep Cycle Solar Battery.

RB Battery, Premium Quality to Power your world.

Automotive Batteries Main

RB Automotive Batteries.

Produced and supplied for Automotive Car and Truck use.

Available as Dry Charged or Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) types.

RB Automotive Batteries

  • RB Batteries, produced according to both the JIS and IEC Standard.

  • Maintenance Free and Dry Charged options Available for all Requirements.

  • Superior Shelf Life and Performance.

  • Maintenance Free batteries are ready for installation direct from our factory floor for ease of use.

  • Corrosion resistant grids ensure extended battery life.

  • Every battery is individually tested before passing our QC process to ensure the quality.

  • A wide and expanding range of models available.