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156, 19th Floor., 65 Chamnan Phenajti Bldg., Rama 9 road, Huaykwang District
Bangkok, 10320

+66 2 6439865

Automotive and Deep Cycle Solar Battery.

RB Battery, Premium Quality to Power your world.

Deep Cycle Batteries Main

RB Deep Cycle Batteries.

Produced and supplied for emergency power application with superior deep cycle performance.

Available in Flooded as well as VRLA technology for a wide range of applications and performances.

RB Deep Cycle Solar / Wind / UPS Batteries

•    100% of all batteries are manufactured in Thailand.

•    Maintenance Free VRLA and Flooded Dry Charged Deep Cycle options available.

•    Utilizing production methods to ensure long shelf life of battery.

•    Maintenance Free batteries are ready for installation direct from our factory floor for ease of use.

•    Constructed with heavy duty materials and plates that allow for seamless deep cycle applications.

•    Batteries are made with corrosion resistant grids that extend battery life.

•    Battery controls temperature in extreme heat with Rapid Cool Down Separators that protect the battery.

•    All batteries are tested to guarantee there are no electrical or fluid problems.

•    All batteries are tested for optimal Deep Cycle performance.