Do You Need an EFB Battery?

60% of cars sold in Europe have start-stop or energy recuperation technology. Most new vehicles provide it to save on fuel economy while improving performance. 

This new technology requires specialized batteries to keep up with it. EFB is one of the fastest-growing options. Its additional components allow it to improve on traditional flooded batteries. The benefits include superior charge acceptance, deep-cycle resistance, and more.

Choosing the right battery has a major effect on your vehicle’s performance. You need to research all the options available to you to determine what type you need.

The more you know about all the types of battery technology available today, the easier your choice will be. Read our guide to learn what EFB batteries are and how to decide if you need one in your vehicle.

What Is an EFB Battery?

EFB is an acronym that stands for enhanced flooded battery. It also goes by other names, including IFB or Improved Wet-Flooded Batteries and Advanced Flooded Batteries.

An EFB battery is a type of wet battery, meaning that it contains a liquid electrolyte. They use sulfuric acid when placed in vehicles.

Enhanced flooded batteries are an improvement to traditional flooded batteries. They have better durability and output as well as a range of other benefits. 

What makes an EFB battery “enhanced” is its use of additional components. They have a scrim and an acid circulator that make them perform better and longer than their traditional counterparts.

A polyester component known as a scrim is placed between the plate and reactive material. It prevents erosion and keeps everything in place. This improves deep cyclic resistance and charge acceptance.

An acid circulator prevents the sulfuric acid in the battery from becoming stratified. This further improves charge acceptance while also improving battery life.

Knowing how enhanced flooded batteries work helps you decide if they’re right for your vehicle. They can fit into almost any engine, but they’re especially effective in certain types.

Do I Need an EFB Battery?

Choosing a high-quality battery has a range of benefits. They’re cheaper to maintain, last longer, have longer warranties, handle extreme environments better, and have higher reserve capacities. 

Going for the cheapest option without considering how it affects your vehicle’s performance is never wise. Determine your needs first and find the right type for your vehicle and lifestyle.

When deciding if you need an EFB battery, ask if your vehicle uses start-stop technology, how often you start it, and whether it’s recreational or commercial.

Does My Vehicle Have Start-Stop Technology?

The first thing you must consider when deciding what type of battery you need is whether or not your vehicle uses start-stop technology. It’s growing in popularity thanks to its ability to improve fuel economy.

A start-stop system does what its name suggests. It stops the engine when you use the brakes so you don’t use unnecessary fuel when you’re not moving. At the same time, it makes it easier to start again when you need to.

Start-stop technology is ideal for drivers who start and stop often. City drivers face this situation often as do those who go through high-traffic roads every day. If this applies to you, you’ll need enhanced flooded batteries.

Standard flooded batteries will fail within 2-4 months if attached to vehicles with start-stop technology. That’s why EFB batteries come standard with most vehicles that use start-stop technology. 

Do I Need a Long-Lasting Battery?

All rechargeable devices fail eventually, and this applies to car batteries as well. The more start cycles it can handle before it needs to be recharged, the longer it will last.

Drivers want their batteries to last as long as possible and may ask, how long do EFB batteries last? Determining the answer to this question requires looking at how many start cycles they can handle before needing to be recharged.

Enhanced flooded batteries are a mid-line option when it comes to lifespan. They last much longer than traditional wet-flooded batteries but not as long as an AGM battery.

EFB batteries provide about 50,000 more engine starts before needing to be recharged than traditional wet-flooded batteries. AGM batteries provide an even longer cyclic lifespan, making them best for vehicles with extremely high energy demands.

Consider your lifestyle when deciding what type of battery lifespan you need. Do you travel regularly or go through city streets that require plenty of stopping and starting? If so, you’ll need the extra engine starts that EFB battery technology provides.

Do I Drive a Small Recreational or a Commercial Vehicle?

When deciding if enhanced flooded batteries are right for you, consider what type of vehicle you drive. The batteries provide different benefits depending on what you use them for.

For small recreational vehicles, an EFB battery can:

  • Provide twice as much deep cycling performance and partial state of charge as traditional flooded batteries
  • Increase the number of engine starts
  • Give you longer periods of extended engine-off time
  • Provide superior charge acceptance than traditional flooded batteries
  • Provide enough thermal stability for hot climates
  • Increase efficiency for vehicles with high energy demands

For commercial vehicles, an EFB battery can:

  • Provide better cyclic ability
  • Decrease water consumption
  • Improve performance
  • Provide high vibration resistance
  • Provide the best-in-class hot melt
  • Lower acid stratification

Decide if you need enhanced flooded batteries before purchasing them. They’re best for vehicles with high energy demands and trips in unforgiving climates.

Where Can I Find EFB Batteries?

Enhanced flooded batteries deserve their title. They provide several advantages over traditional flooded automobile batteries. They’re more efficient, improve performance, have better cyclic resistance and charge acceptance, last for more engine starts, and can handle even the most treacherous terrain. 

Deciding if you need EFB batteries begins with examining what type of vehicle you drive. They prevent engine failure in vehicles with start-stop technology and provide benefits for both small recreational and larger commercial models.

Choosing the right battery is essential no matter what you drive, and RB Battery can help you make this important decision. View our batteries and contact us for more information today.

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