Does the Asian Car Market Require Certain Battery Types?

Thailand has more than 37 million registered vehicles. Not counting other Asian countries, the car market is massive, and there are many car battery types for different vehicles.

China has quickly come to dominate the car battery industry, taking charge and innovating the creation process. Considering the environment, one should know many facts about battery waste and recycling.

You may wonder, “Are there specific car batteries that have to be used in the Asian car industry?” The answer is no. Multiple types are available for use, but it’s essential to know about each if you plan to shop for a battery or vehicle.

In this article, we’ll cover the types of batteries in the Asian car market, what makes them different, and what you should know about them. We’ll also tell you about us, RB Battery, with our production footprint all around Asia.

You will learn about Asian car batteries and why you should choose us as your battery provider. Are you excited to learn about battery car types? Then continue reading.

Battery Types

There are multiple types of batteries in the Asian car market. Here are three standard ones to know about:

  • Lead Acid
  • Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Lithium-Ion

We’ll also discuss a new type of battery emerging in the market that changes how electric vehicles are powered. The zinc-ion battery is a competitor for the established lithium-ion battery used by famous electrical vehicle manufacturers like Tesla.

Lead Acid Batteries

This type of battery is used all over the world. It comprises a negative lead electrode and a positive electrode made of lead oxide.

The two electrodes are put in a mix of sulfuric acid and water. This toxic combination creates a chemical reaction that produces energy. And the lead is permeable, so it’s easy to dissolve and form.

Sealed lead batteries can last for years, with some used for over a decade. Often this type of battery degrades over time or fails because of sulfation and loss of electrolyte, and internal corrosion.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Usually more expensive than a lead-acid car battery, an absorbed glass mat battery (AGM) performs better. It leaks less gas and acid than a lead-acid battery, and its construction suspends the necessary electrolyte in a “dry” state.

The main difference between an AGM and a lead-acid battery is the fibreglass mat used to separate the plates inside. This mat wicks the electrolyte solution and can deliver high currents of energy.

Lithium-Ion Car Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are in most electric vehicles. Since EVs have become more popular and widely accepted everywhere, there’s expected to be an increase in waste for this specific battery.

Nickel and cobalt are two metals used in lithium-ion batteries. The essential parts include a cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator. Electrolyte transports the positive lithium ions between the cathode and anode, creating the energy required to power an electric vehicle.

Planning for the Future With Zinc-Ion Batteries

Thailand has plenty of zinc, and because of this, there are plans to develop this type of battery specifically for electric vehicles. It’s 90% recyclable and more stable than its lithium counterpart, making it the next choice for mass production to combat waste.

How does it work? When the battery is in a discharging cycle, zinc metal is dissolved into the electrolyte, creating ions, which are absorbed into a cathode. The process is reversed for charging.

Battery Waste and Recycling

Don’t take apart a car battery or recklessly throw it away. You will need to return an old or used car battery to the supplier or dealership to ensure it’s properly disposed of or, if possible, recycled.

Batteries are repurposed if there are sufficient energy levels left in them. Some companies even use liquid nitrogen to freeze batteries before crushing them and separating the materials in a process using hydrometallurgy for recycling, with the Lead Acid and AGM being fully recyclable.

The Benefits of Dry Charged Asian Car Batteries

A dry-charged battery has less electrolyte than wet-charged batteries and is storable for over a year. Compatible with all Japanese and Korean vehicles, its high performance makes it a desirable battery in the industry.

Made to last and withstand the toughest of conditions, a dry-charged battery can outlast its counterpart. There are heavy-duty grids that create a protective barrier around the battery. The grids ensure that the battery can withstand various temperatures and climates.

Our RB Dry Charged Battery has vibration resistance technology, so parts remain steady and functioning regardless of how rough the road becomes. They’re made with low maintenance technology to prevent water loss and ensure batteries last as long as possible. Vacuumed sealed, our Asian batteries can be stored for a long time and are operable after installation.

A Maintenance-Free Battery That Lasts

An all-in-one battery with corrosion-resistant grids and double-ventilation technology, our maintenance-free battery is protected from the elements so it can last. Designed with a silver-ion to increase performance and installed with a unique “Magic Eye Indicator,” you’ll know all there is to your battery.

This sealed battery has a higher cold-cranking start-up and a maximum reserve capacity. We test every one of our batteries to ensure there are no issues before shipping them.

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