Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Deep Cycle batteries recommended for engine ignition?
  • No. Deep Cycle is designed for solar power or backup power. To start an engine, use an ignition type battery.

Q: What does Flooded Lead Acid Battery mean?
  • Flooded Lead Acid Battery is a battery that has liquid electrolyte.
  • These batteries are more flexible in where they can be used, and the cost is not high.

Q: What is an AGM Battery?
  • Absorbent Glass Mat: in this battery the electrolyte has been absorbed into the battery and remains static. 
  • It is usually used to power certain vehicular amenities or high-class motorcycles. Because the electrolyte has been absorbed, there is no risk of spillage.

Q: What are SMF Batteries?
  • Sealed Maintenance Free: this kind of battery is completely sealed forbidding any access to the inside of the battery.  By using a calcium lead alloy, the amount of water loss due to evaporation and electrolysis is minimized giving the battery an even level of water at all times. The water never has to be checked as this internal process tracks the water level. This battery is known for having a free flowing electrolyte.

Q: What is a Dry Charged / Conventional Battery?
  • Conventional and Dry Charged batteries are designed with their plates already charged and wrapped for protection. The wrapping allows the batteries to be stored for many years without any risk to the battery’s life span. When ready to be used, the wrapping is removed and the battery is ready for activation.

Q: What is a Deep Cycle Solar Battery?
  • A Deep Cycle Battery is able to receive charges that are so deep it is able to power a vehicle under the most strenuous of circumstances whether it is extreme weather or terrain. Its performance outshines any ordinary battery.

Q: What is a Traction Battery?
  • Traction batteries are used to power forklifts. They are in the Deep Cycle battery family. They can be produced as either a single cell of 2V, or a full battery of 24V to 48V depending on how much power the forklift needs to operate.