Finding a Reliable Power Source in Asia

You depend on your car every day. Can you count on your battery when you need it?

If you’re looking for reliable power in Asia for your car or truck, a maintenance-free battery is the answer. Find out more about maintenance-free automotive batteries and how they can be your reliable power source.

What Is a Maintenance-Free Battery?

Maintenance-free batteries are also called sealed maintenance-free (SMF) batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, and sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries.

Traditional flooded lead acid car batteries require you to top them up with water so that they’ll keep working. The chemical reaction that produces electricity turns the water in the battery into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The gas escapes through a vent.

SMF batteries are more efficient. They use recombinant technology that reuses the hydrogen and oxygen gases. This significantly reduces water loss.

You don’t need to add water, so the battery is sealed.

Despite the label “maintenance-free,” some basic maintenance will keep your battery in the best condition. This includes keeping the top clean and making sure the cables are clean and tight.

Types of Maintenance Free Batteries

Most maintenance free batteries use either AGM or flooded technology. SMF batteries for start stop vehicles usually use either EFB or AGM system.

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries use a special glass mat separator between the battery plate and wrappers. The fibreglass holds the electrolytes. The battery won’t spill if it ever breaks open.

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries use specially designed battery plates in a flooded battery cell to provide power for start-stop applications… the general working structure is similar to a normal starter SMF battery – but with better performance due to unique plate and cell characteristics.

AGM batteries are among the best suited for use in cars and trucks, however, they are also the more expensive option.

Maintenance Free Batteries for Reliable Power

Maintenance free batteries are a reliable power source for your vehicle.

More Resistant to Damage

The battery grid includes a calcium alloy along with silver. Calcium makes the battery more resistant to corrosion and damage from vibration. The fiberglass separator mats also reduce battery failure from vibration or spills that can occur from vehicle suspension or in the engine compartment.

The battery terminals are made from lead and calcium instead of just lead like in a flooded battery. SMF terminals are more heat resistant. They reduce overcharge current.

Withstands Storage and Deep Discharge

Maintenance free batteries have a low self-discharge rate. You can store them without charging for several months. Top charging the battery every 2-3 months if you’re not using it will help ensure it works reliably when you need it.

SMF car batteries can tolerate a deep discharge better than a traditional battery. They’re more likely to fully recover if they get drained accidentally.

Better Cold-Weather Starting

SMF car batteries have better cranking and high reserve capacity. They perform better in cold and icy conditions. You can be more confident that you’ll be able to start your vehicle.

Additional Benefits of a Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

Maintenance free batteries have many advantages in addition to their reliability. They’re safer, more versatile, and give you excellent performance.

No Spills

You don’t have to add water to SMF batteries like you would with a conventional flooded battery. You avoid the risk of spilled battery acid.

If a sealed battery breaks open, the acid won’t spill. This is because of the way the battery is constructed.

No Vented Gases

All lead acid batteries produce hydrogen gas when they’re in use. If hydrogen gas builds up in the battery, the battery could explode. Flooded batteries vent the hydrogen gas to the exterior.

Sealed maintenance free batteries recombine the gases they produce internally. This is much safer. You can use SMF batteries in areas with limited ventilation.

More Corrosion Resistant

Traditional lead acid batteries often suffer from corrosion on the battery terminals. Acid can leak when topping up the water. Overcharging or rough conditions can also cause acid to leak and cause corrosion.

SMF batteries don’t need you to add water, so the acid won’t spill over. Even in rough driving conditions, SMF batteries won’t leak. You don’t have to worry about corrosion damaging the battery terminals.

Easy to Handle

Because SMF batteries won’t leak, you can ship or transport them easily. You don’t need special handling precautions or shipping containers.

Use in Any Position

You can install a maintenance free battery in almost any position. The battery won’t leak, and it needs very little maintenance. You can use SMF batteries for many different applications.

Better Performance

Maintenance free batteries have lower internal resistance than traditional lead acid batteries. They charge faster and perform better under heavy load conditions. They can provide higher bursts of power.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Free Battery

Reliable power depends on choosing the right maintenance free battery. You need to check which size will fit your vehicle. The owner’s manual will have this information. You can also look at a reference guide from your battery retailer.

You should also check the terminal placement. Battery terminals are either on the side or on the top.

You don’t have to buy the same brand of battery that came with your car. You just need a battery with specifications that meet your car’s requirements.

The reserve capacity and cold-cranking amp rating are two specifications to verify. Reserve capacity is the amount of time the battery can continue working if the alternator or fan belt fails. Cold-cranking amps tell you how well the battery will start your car during cold weather.

A Reliable Manufacturer for Reliable Power

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