First Fully Sealed Maintenance Free Battery in Thailand

During 2010, our battery factory, already the largest in Thailand, become the first battery manufacturer in Thailand to produce and supply the Flooded Sealed Maintenance Free battery under our local market V-Series.

When we first started, with an initial production capacity of over 50,000 units per month, our domestic Thai market was still a mainly conventional Flooded Dry Charged battery market.

However we knew that the time for the Flooded SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) battery was approaching, as not only were we seeing the market shifts occurring in overseas territories including such diversified countries as Lebanon, Nigeria, Algeria and well as Europe and the Americas, we were also seeing increasing demand from our local Automotive vehicle factories as well, who were requesting us to launch the batteries for the convenience of the end user.

With this trend front and center in our policy and management meetings, we purposely strive to welcome the new opportunity with open arms and invested significant resources to ensure that our production and meets the highest quality and performance standards that are expected of our battery production.

Since that time, we have continuously expanded not only our production capacity, to currently exceed 150,000 units per month, but also the range of our SMF batteries, from an initial range of 15 of the fastest moving models in our local market, to now over 36 models covering both our local as well as export markets, with further expansions in both production capacity as well as model range in the pipeline for launch within 2015 – 2016, to keep up with the increasing demand we are seeing in not only our local Thailand aftermarket as well as export markets, but also to the OEM segments as well – both locally as well as export.

Since our expansion into the flooded maintenance free batteries in 2010, our production have continually gotten stronger and expanded our market share to become the dominant brand in our local market by the end of 2011 and has continually lead the market ever since… Along with this accomplishment in our local market, our close partnership with our overseas distributors has allowed our batteries to also command among the top 5 market share is several export territories.

With our eyes continually on the future and our commitment to fulfilling our partners needs and requirements, we are currently planning for the expansion of our production lines to include VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries – in particular AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) types as our current AGM production is being fully utilized by our OEM partner in Europe.

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