How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last? 5 Factors That Affect Battery Life

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If you’re trying to take care of your motorcycle in a way that counts, you’ll owe it to yourself to keep up with the maintenance of the battery. 

Anytime you buy a new motorcycle battery, knowing how long the battery is supposed to last is half the battle. There are plenty of factors that contribute to your battery’s longevity, or the lack thereof. 

So how long do motorcycle batteries last?

Read on to learn all that you can about motorcycle batteries, ways to maintain them and which factors cause them to die early. 

How Long Do Motorcycle Batteries Last?

As a bike owner, you should get to know how long your motorcycle battery will hold up under everyday ownership circumstances. 

Learning how to keep your motorcycle battery working gives you the chance to manage your bike’s performance to the fullest. When you understand the factors, it’ll help you extend the lifespan of the battery. 

Here are the main factors that come into play:

1. Consider the Type of Battery

There are several different types of batteries that you can buy, so you should get to know the options. 

First and foremost, you owe it to yourself to shop for a motorcycle battery that is as low-maintenance as possible. Check around for different brands and find out what kinds are supposed to last longer. 

The main types of motorcycle battery technology that you can invest in include Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), gel batteries and wet batteries. By taking some time to know the differences between them, you will also better understand how long they’re supposed to last. 

Depending on the kind of battery that you are purchasing, you might have these batteries last as little as 6 months and as much as 6 years. 

Prior to purchasing a new motorcycle battery, you should ask the manufacturer about the typical lifespan, in addition to getting a warranty that will protect the battery for a specific period of time. 

2. Weather and Climate Affect Battery Life and Longevity

Weather and climate are among the biggest factors that will play a role in how long your battery lasts. 

Specifically, cold temperatures will sap your motorcycle’s battery and cause it to either stall out or not start at all. If you live in an area that gets bitterly cold weather in the fall, winter or any other time of the year, you should be particularly mindful of how long your battery lasts. 

One of the best steps you can take is to get the battery insulated so that it can stay warm no matter how cold it is outside. This is an extra expense, but one that will keep your battery at its absolute best. 

Take the time to shop for batteries that already come with an insulation sleeve if you are purchasing and installing one brand new. 

3. Your Battery Use Makes a Huge Difference

If you’d like to really get an idea of how long your battery is supposed to last, it’s important that you consider how you actually use it. 

For instance, if you allow your bike to idle for long periods of time, you will be more likely to deal with draining. Likewise, if you have a number of electrical components hooked up to your bike, it will be more taxing on your motorcycle battery as a whole. 

Whenever you have a brand new battery installed, you also owe it to yourself to get it set up correctly, because faulty installation is a prime reason that a battery drains too quickly. 

Take some time to go for long rides every now and then so that it has time to fully charge up. If you are only taking short trips on your motorcycle, it is a lot more likely to drain and die out, since it never fully gets to charge.

Take your motorcycle to a repair shop as frequently as possible to be certain that you are taking every precaution and getting it inspected on a regular basis. Motorcycle repair contractors will help you look after the care of your battery so that you can avoid any of these red flags. 

Better maintenance means better battery life, and repair professionals can check the battery’s water levels, make sure that the cords aren’t fraying, and can ensure that the cables aren’t corroded. 

4. Whether You Charge Your Battery or Not Affects Your Battery Life

A lot of people make use of external battery chargers to keep their battery up to par. 

For instance, there are several chargers you can purchase that will keep your battery charged through the winter, despite the worst temperatures. 

When you take the time to use one of these chargers, you are always sure that the battery has plenty of energy, and that you aren’t letting it drain prematurely. The more you stay on top of this sort of service, the easier it becomes for you to keep your bike at its best for the long haul. 

Take the time to shop for some chargers and do everything you can to keep your battery fully charge as often as possible. 

Do Everything Possible to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Battery

So how long do motorcycle batteries last?

These are the points that truly dictate your motorcycle’s battery life. The best thing you can do is shop around for the best supplies and take great care of your battery and your motorcycle as a whole. 

Take some time to browse our battery products until you find the one that is best for your bike. 

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