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156, 19th Floor., 65 Chamnan Phenajti Bldg., Rama 9 road, Huaykwang District
Bangkok, 10320

+66 2 6439865

Automotive and Deep Cycle Solar Battery.

RB Battery, Premium Quality to Power your world.

Marine Batteries Main

RB Marine & Leisure Batteries.

Produced and supplied for boating and Marine enthusiasts world wide.

Utilizing high performance grid technology, we have engineered a battery that will not only power you - but be ready for you when needed.

With a battery that is fully Maintenance Free, you have the peace of mind, knowing that your role is to cruise the waterways and not worry about your battery.

RB Marine & Leisure Battery

•    100% Maintenance Free Battery.

•    Utilizing production methods to ensure long shelf life of battery.

•    Unique Grid and Pasting Technology to provide higher performance.

•    Batteries are made with corrosion resistant grids that extend battery life.

•    Heat-Sealed Covers with special spark averters, to ensure safety.

•    All batteries are tested to guarantee there are no electrical or fluid problems. 

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