Superior Quality.
Extended Life.

The RB Motorcycle Batteries allows you to ride with confidence. Specifically engineered for bikes, it provides the power you need to get where you want to go.

MF & GEL Motorcycle Batteries

With its high charging efficiency, the RB motorcycle batteries provide superior life, with high-quality construction protecting the battery during use and is completely maintenance free. Even better, our specially designed safety cover and leak prevention systems protects your bikes long term performance.

What’s more, RB’s low self-discharge technology preserves the battery life even while you bike is sitting in the garage.

✓ Superior Quality and Usage Life of the battery.
✓ All Batteries made in Thailand
✓ Specifically engineered for Motorcycle applications.
✓ Completely Maintenance Free & GEL type Bike batteries.
✓ Low Self Discharge technology to allow for extended shelf life before use due to high quality alloys and electrolyte.
✓ Safety is a priority and is achieved using specially designed safety cover to extend cycle life.
✓ Ensured leak prevention systems.
✓ High-Quality materials to prevent damage to case during transportation and use.
✓ All batteries are individually tested to guarantee no fluid or electrical problems.

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