OEM Battery Factory and Production

For our Battery production and factory team, our focus on providing the highest quality batteries were recognized not only by the end users and the aftermarket segment, but also by the several automotive car and truck manufacturers both locally as well as in international markets.

With Thailand being a major player in the automotive vehicle production stage and our factory being the largest in the Thailand – it was a natural fit that our factory would become an OEM battery supplier to not only several Japanese producers but also to a variety of American as well as European car brands, both locally as well as internationally.

This close partnership with the vehicle manufacturers has allowed our batteries and production techniques to continually be cutting edge and ahead of the curve as we are responding directly the car manufacturer’s requirements from design stage all the way through to production… this ensure that our batteries provide world class performance.

A point of pride for our OEM battery factory is our determination to utilize all we learn working together with the automotive manufacturers, to the aftermarket segment as well – which with our critical production mass – has allowed us to offer the same world class OEM batteries to the aftermarket segment without compromise.

With Truck and Car vehicle producers expanding as well as opening new plants in Thailand and our established track record of quality and delivery, our knowledge base and up-to-date battery model range is only set to grow with along with the brand name and recognition that the brands already evokes.

Reliable Power Delivered Worldwide