RB Battery is proud of being a sponsor of the Aurora Ford Thailand Racing Team 2024.

RB Battery is thrilled to fuel the high-octane excitement as a sponsor of the Aurora Ford Thailand Racing Team’s formidable Racing Pickups in the adrenaline-pumping B-QUICK Thailand Super Series Racing Challenge 2024.

Get ready for heart-racing action across a series of 4 rounds and 8 pulse-pounding races, spanning from the electrifying start on May 3rd to the grand finale on December 15th, all on Thai soil.

Building on our legacy of successful partnerships, we’re revved up to back the dynamic New Aurora Ford Thailand Team. We’re not just anticipating their triumphs on the racetrack—we’re cheering for their groundbreaking achievements beyond it.

This month, the rubber met the road at the iconic Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand, where speed and strategy fused in a spectacle of racing mastery.

Stay tuned! We’re gearing up to share a gallery of exhilarating moments from the event. Keep an eye out for a cascade of captivating photos coming your way in the weeks ahead.