The Best 12V Battery for Your Car

Did you know that some of the most advanced vehicles send their owners notifications when their battery needs replacing?

As exciting as that is, for most of us, we have to figure it out on our own. But testing a car battery isn’t very difficult. Most batteries can even be changed by the owners, as long as they take proper safety precautions.

The real challenge is choosing the best 12V battery for your car. With so many different types available, picking just one is an overwhelming task.

That’s why we’ve composed this brief guide to 12V car batteries.

We’ll explain how they work and the different types that are available. We’ll also go over some of the best brands for your new car battery. Read on to find out more!

What Is a 12V Battery?

12V batteries are the standard car batteries of today.

A 12V car battery has six cells, which should all be charged at just over 2 volts. That means when idle, the battery power should read as at least 12.6 volts.

Most cars are designed to run on 12V batteries. Therefore, they are the universal standard for automobiles.

Types of 12V Batteries

But just because 12V is the most widely used car battery doesn’t mean there’s only one type available. Here are the most common 12V batteries in cars today, as well as their pros and cons.

Flooded Lead-Acid

Flooded lead acid batteries are one of the most common 12V car batteries on the market today. Their simple design and widespread usage mean they’re also one of the most affordable.

However, this simple design becomes one of their cons. They are not the most resistant to extreme weather conditions. If exposed, this can shorten their lifespan.

Their flooded design also requires regular maintenance, at least two to four times a year. But if you’re willing to make the investment, and you don’t often have extreme weather, these are a popular choice.

Sealed Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid

Sealed valve-regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA) are similar to flooded types. That is, except for the fact they are sealed off from maintenance.

This means they don’t require regular tinkering or adjustments, so they’re far easier to manage. But at the same time, if there is a problem with the battery, it can’t be tackled so easily.

They are typically a little more expensive than basic flooded batteries. But all in all, they are still an affordable choice that will suit most motorists.


Gel batteries are the next step up in quality, but also in price. Instead of the battery being flooded with liquid, it’s a gel that contains the elements.

They are also sealed like VRLA batteries, requiring minimal maintenance.

The reason they’re more impressive batteries is their resilience. Extreme heat, cold, and wet shouldn’t have an effect on their lifespan. And they are solid enough that they don’t have to be installed upright.

Their more advanced design does mean they’re more difficult to service. They’re also more expensive to buy. But many choose to for their resilient nature.

Absorbent Glass Mat

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries have all the pros of gel batteries, but they’re even less delicate. In particular, they can charge and discharge at any speed, which not all batteries can handle. This makes them more versatile and long-lasting.

They’re also a sealed battery, requiring little to no maintenance. But as you would expect, this step up in technology comes with a bigger price tag.


Lithium-ion batteries are one the newest types of batteries on the market. They are the only ones on this list that don’t use lead acid. Because of that, they are even more resilient, reliable, and low maintenance.

However, many cars aren’t yet compatible with this battery type.

Currently, they are the go-to battery for electric vehicles. Each one may require hundreds of individual lithium-ion batteries.

They are far less common in other cars. And they are by far one of the most expensive types of batteries. But if your car does support them, they can last several times longer than a lead acid counterpart.

Highly Rated 12V Car Battery Brands

Now that you know the differences between the 12V battery types, you have to choose which brand to go with. The following all produce highly rated 12V batteries, each with their own strengths.

RB Battery

RB Battery has been manufacturing batteries for cars and other applications for over 25 years. Their products range from basic VRLAs to specialist models, such as gel batteries for motorbikes.

The biggest draw of RB Battery products is their superior products. They are designed to suit motorists worldwide.

All products also go through rigorous safety checks, so you know you’re getting the best of the best. And they are expertly engineered to withstand extreme conditions better than their counterparts.


The most well-known Optima batteries are the Redtop and Yellowtop, both of which offer excellent performance. However, they are heavier than the market average, which can cost more in fuel over time. They are also more expensive than similar models.

But for that price, you get a spill-proof battery with minimal maintenance requirements.

Choose the Best 12V Battery for Your Car

Each vehicle has slightly different requirements. But we’re sure that RB Battery has the perfect battery for your car.

For over 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing reliable batteries worldwide. Whichever battery you need, we can provide it. Take a look at our selection of car batteries today to find the best one for your vehicle.

If you’d like further advice, we can help with that too. Tell us about your car, and we can help you choose the right battery. Get in touch with us today to find the best 12V battery for your car.