When Should You Replace Your Car Battery? A Quick Guide

When we go car shopping, very few people pay attention to the car’s battery. Most people check the car’s engine capacity, size, fuel efficiency, and comfort level. However, your car battery is also a key component of how efficiently it will run.

The battery manages various tasks such as powering the in-car computer and starting the engine. Typically, your car battery should serve you for three years with good maintenance and routine care.

But when should you replace your car battery? Below are key signs that it’s time for a replacement.

A Weird Foul Smell Coming From the Battery

One of the best car battery replacement tips is changing it immediately when you notice a foul smell. The smell could be coming from the battery leaking gas. This leak can be due to an internal short or damage to the battery.

Ensure you open your car’s hood from time to time to check on the battery’s condition. If there is any damage to it, you will notice a foul rotten eggs smell. Don’t wait for it to get out of hand; visit your mechanic as soon as possible.

It’s not advisable to drive around with a damaged car battery. Your mechanic will advise you on whether to charge the car battery. Do as recommended for your safety.

The Check-Engine Light Is On

If your car’s check engine light turns on, you should be concerned. The light could be alerting you to a minor engine issue, such as a faulty or disconnected gas cap or a defective engine sensor. But it could also mean that there is a more severe issue with the engine, such as a faulty battery or a misfire.

The check engine sign could come on when your battery is running out of juices in some cases. Before rushing off to the mechanic, it’s advisable to check your manual and familiarise yourself with the car. Then visit your mechanic to diagnose what the issue is.

They will check the engine and confirm that your battery is working as efficiently as it should. If not, they will advise whether you should get it replaced.

You Have Jump-Started the Car Too Many Times Lately

Have you noticed that your car needs to be jump-started every time you want to go somewhere? There are numerous reasons why car batteries require a jump. You could have forgotten to turn off your headlights when you went to work, or the starter has an issue.

Another common reason for jumpstarting your car could be that it has stayed in your garage for a long time without going out. Regardless of the cause, if you jumpstart your vehicle at least three retimes in seven days, it could be time for a new battery.

Jumpstarting a car takes a toll on the battery, and doing it too many times in a short period may lead to battery issues. It could also reduce your battery’s lifespan. Unfortunately, the more damaged your battery is, the more jumpstarts it will need to start working, which may result in even more damage.

Additionally, you could be damaging your alternator and starter in the jumpstarting process. Visit your mechanic and confirm if you need a car battery replacement and save yourself the risk and hassle of expensive repairs.

The Engine Cranks but It Doesn’t Start

If you turn on your car and the engine cranks but fails to start, the problem could be with your battery. The battery might not be producing enough volts to jump-start the engine, so it fails to start. The best option is to take the battery out, get it recharged, then return it.

On the other hand, you can also jumpstart the battery then leave your car running for 30 minutes. Your vehicle should be able to start normally now. If not, you may need a car battery replacement ASAP.

But even if your car is back to a normal start, ensure you get your mechanic to check the battery. There is no telling when it will shut down again and require a jumpstart. Make sure you take precautions.

Dim Headlights

Have you noticed that your car headlights aren’t as bright and shiny as they used to be? This could mean that the battery doesn’t have enough power to keep the headlights shining bright. Take it out and have it recharged.

Dim headlights could indicate that the battery is slowly dying. Have a mechanic check it out as soon as possible to determine the issue. A reputable mechanic will advise you whether to replace it before it finally dies to avoid being stranded with a car that won’t start.

Remember, you can only take car battery replacement advice from a professional. Not everyone is qualified to know when you need your car battery to be replaced. Hence, it’s advisable to visit a trusted mechanic shop or your dealership for advice.

Battery Looks Corroded

It is normal to notice some slight corrosion around the battery and the terminals. That’s because the corrosion occurs due to the weather and environmental conditions you expose the battery to. In most cases, you can use a vehicle rust cleaner to wipe out the corrosion.

But if you notice it’s happening too quickly and the corrosion is too much, you could be looking at a bigger problem. The battery could be faulty and in need of a replacement immediately. Excessive corrosion could be due to low fluid levels in the battery or leakage.

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

Our vehicles help us move from one place to the other. You rely on the car to take your kids to school, get to work on time, or attend a friend’s birthday party. However, very few people know much about the functionality of their car, especially when it comes to the engine.

A significant question to ask yourself is this: when should you replace your car battery? If you notice most of the above signs, it might be time to replace the battery. After determining that you need a new car battery, contact us today at R.B Battery, and we will help you find the best battery for your vehicle.