When to Consider Replacing Your Battery In Your Car

Knowing how to take care of your vehicle is a responsibility that every automobile owner needs to embrace. You don’t have to be mechanic savvy, but you definitely need to understand some repair and maintenance strategies that will be helpful. 

For example, every owner should have an idea of when it’s time to get a new battery. 

Since the battery supplies your car with electrical power, you’ll need to do your due diligence and shop for a new one when it’s time. 

Use the points below so that you know when to consider replacing your battery, for the betterment of your vehicle. 

When to Consider Replacing Your Battery

There are several battery products that you can buy, but you need to have a proper rhyme and reason for doing so. 

So when should I consider replacing my battery?

Here are a few tell-tale signs:

1. The Engine Hesitates to Engage When You Start Your Car

If you are constantly turning the key to your vehicle and finding that the car hesitates to crank, it definitely may be time for a new battery. Your vehicle starting should usually be a smooth transition without much labour or effort. 

Take it in to a mechanic when it is constantly hesitating so that you can see if the problem is the battery, alternator or some other issue. 

2. Your Battery is Constantly Dying and Needing a Jump

Anyone can need a battery jump from time to time, but if this is becoming the norm, it may be time to cut your losses and buy a new battery. 

A battery that always needs to be jumped is either old or damaged. Rather than always finding yourself in an emergency situation, just get a new battery replacement so you can enjoy better performance. 

3. You Have Had the Battery For a Long Time 

You should also take the time to replace your battery if you have had your current one for a long time. 

Car batteries are meant to last a few years, so if it has been several, you should start considering a replacement no matter how the battery is operating. It’s best to get out in front of it so that you don’t find yourself stranded or in an emergency situation. 

4. The Battery is Beginning to Swell, Leak and Corrode

Check out the physical condition of the battery to see if it has sustained damage or wear. 

A battery that is swollen and leaking is either old, overheating or both. The battery might also begin to corrode with a white, chalky substance around the terminals when it is time for a replacement. 

Once you start seeing these signs, it’s only a matter of time that your battery will fail you. 

5. It is Found to Be Weak After a Test

Be sure that you have your battery tested from time to time in order to get an accurate voltage readout. While batteries can always be charged to be more useful and productive, there comes a point in which its usefulness will only keep diminishing. 

Most automobile repair shops will test your battery for free to let you know where yours stands. 

6. You Have Had Alternator Problems

Taking care of your alternator is one of the most important vehicle repair needs that you can address. 

This part works hand in hand with the battery, so constant alternator issues may also mean that you need to get your battery replaced. Anytime you get work done on the alternator, ask the repair professional to give your battery a full inspection as well. 

7. The Vehicle is Used in an Area That Gets Extreme Weather

If you live in a climate that either gets really hot weather or really cold weather, you always need to be mindful of your battery’s condition. 

When outdoor temperatures are incredibly cold, you are more likely to deal with a battery that drains. It is common to wake up early to start your car for work, only to find that it drained overnight. 

Conversely, hot weather can cause your battery to overheat to the point of swelling, leaking, or becoming dangerous to use. 

In these situations, one of the best things that you can do is to insulate the battery. This happens in the form of a sleeve that houses your battery and maintains its temperature for the long haul. 

This protective measure makes it so that your battery isn’t subject to extreme swings in temperature that can be damaging. 

8. You’ve Put a Lot of Wear on Your Vehicle

When you have driven your vehicle frequently over a short period of time, it will likely be more subject to wear and tear. As such, your battery can be one of the main parts that take a beating. 

Be mindful of how you drive your vehicle and what kind of lifestyle you maintain, because it will dictate when it is time to get your battery replaced. 

Get the Best Battery Replacement Possible

The points above help give you an idea of when you should consider replacing your battery. This helps you stay informed as a vehicle owner, and can help you get whatever kind of service is best for you. 

In addition to knowing when to get a new battery, you should shop around for the absolute best part and labour that you can find from a reputable company.

If this is what you need, our company would be more than happy to assist you. 

Reach out to learn more about us and the battery products that we offer. 

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