For the past 25 years, RB Battery has been the premier producer of high quality automotive and Deep Cycle Batteries. Renown for unprecedented experience and trust, RB Batteries are powering companies worldwide. Manufactured in state of the art facilities, our company has become among the successful and highly regarded supplier of automotive batteries in Thailand.


RB’s enormous inventory of state-of-the-art highly durable batteries includes conventional 12V Dry Charged batteries, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) automotive batteries, deep cycle solar, stationary and traction types. In one month, RB has the capability of manufacturing over 350,000 long lasting batteries. Manufacturing power of this magnitude speaks to RB’s level of expertise and service.


RB’s ability to produce and move a large amount of units is possible by its top tier business practices and passion, which is based on the belief that quality and excellence always yields results that exceed expectations. RB’s entire manufacturing process is ISO certified and controlled in-house from the battery grid production to the pasting, formation, charging and assembly of every battery that is created in its factory. RB certifies that the life of your battery will last beyond your needs. RB guarantees that every battery is fully tested and stamped with the RB seal of approval, and every battery is of the highest quality and standard found anywhere in the world.


RB batteries have seen the elements and withstood the test of strength and durability under the most extreme of circumstances. Whether you are in the deep sweltering heat of the African Sahara, the ice capped mountains of Europe or the deep tropical moisture of the Caribbean, RB Batteries have brought you to where you want to go.


Quality, Reliability and Power are the hallmarks of all RB Batteries, and we here at Universal Energy Storage invite you to know the RB Brand of consistency, reliability and motivation. With 25 years already under our belt, we welcome you to join us as we continue our journey in powering the future.