The RB brand is a flagship automotive and Deep Cycle battery brand supplied by Universal Energy Storage, one of the oldest and most experienced suppliers of Thailand manufactured batteries to international markets. 

With the largest battery factory in Thailand and over 25 years of experience, our battery production range covers an ever widening range of battery types, including the conventional 12V Dry Charged batteries, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF)) automotive batteries, deep cycle solar, stationary and traction types and a monthly production capacity exceeding 350,000 units.

Thanks to our obsession for excellence and quality, we have ensured that every process of our ISO certified production is controlled and produced in-house (from the battery grid production, to the pasting, formation, charging and assembly), with each and every battery that leaves our production line tested to ensure that it meets the highest standard and performance that has become expected from our beset in class batteries.

This drive and long term vision has made our RB battery brand to become a key player in international market the world over – from the heat of Africa and Sahara desert to the snow-covered mountains of Lebanon and to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean – our RB batteries has made it presence felt. 

All of us here at Universal Energy Storage and our valued distributors around the world look forward to the next quarter century of continual growth together. As we continually strive to achieve our motto of highest Quality, Reliability and Power… we welcome you to be part of the RB family…